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Agency Worker Regulations 

Business General | 7 Feb 2024

Under the Agency Workers Regulations workers supplied to a company (or to any other entity) by an agency will become entitled to receive pay and basic working conditions equivalent to any directly employed employees after a 12 week qualifying period.

Preventing Late Payments

Business General | 12 June 2022

Managing and reducing the risk of late payment is essential. Indeed, small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly vulnerable to the effects that late payment can have on cash flow, profitability, and ultimately the viability of a business.

Employer Supported Childcare

Business General | 5 June 2022

Employer Supported Childcare (ESC), commonly by way of childcare voucher, is for many employers and employees a tax and national insurance efficient perk. We consider the implications of this type of benefit on the employer and employee. 

Construction Industry Scheme

Business General | 28 May 2022

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out special rules for tax and national insurance (NI) for those working in the construction industry. Businesses in the construction industry are known as ‘contractors’ and ‘subcontractors’. They may be companies, partnerships or self-employed individuals.

Raising finance for your business  

Business General | 12 May 2022

Finding a method of finance that works for you and your business is crucial to its success. However, raising funds remains a significant challenge for many businesses. Whether you are looking to start a new business or need capital to expand, there are various options to consider.  

Making Tax Digital for VAT

Business General | 2 April 2022

Over the coming years, the government will phase in its landmark Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative, which will see taxpayers move to a fully digital tax system.

This factsheet outlines some of the key issues for businesses.

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